Wednesday, September 2, 2009

i <3 tele's top new five

This is my top 5 for new television shows of fall 2009:

1) Glee
(Wednesday 9:00-10:00, Fall Premiere Date: Sept. 9) FOX
-I have to say this new show will make my year. Their writing was so good on the pilot episode, and the music inspires me. Thiis MUST be on your shows to watch.

2) Cougar Town
(Wednesday 9:30-10:00, Fall Premiere Date: Sept. 23) ABC
-Courtney Cox (Friends, Dirt) comes back to the comedy sitcom world. She's no longer playing Mrs. Monica Bing, but a 40-year old single woman looking to have fun. Critics have said this show will have many lauhgs unlike Joey.

3) FlashForward
(Thursday 8:00-9:00, Fall Premiere Date: Sept 24) ABC
-John Cho (Harol & Kumar, Star Trek), Dominic Monaghan (Lost, Lord of the Rings) will be apart of this science-fiction television series. This show will be fun for you if you like mystery shows like Lost.

4) V
(Tuesday 8:00-9:00, Fall Premiere Date: Nov 3) ABC
-Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost), Scott Wolf (Party of Five, Nine) are in the remake of this 1984 series. This maybe about aliens, but reviews have been very positive for this show. This is another one of those mystery shows.

5) Vampire Diaries
(Thursday 8:00-9:00, Fall Premiere Date: Sept 10) CW
-Twilight and True Blood is probably what you may think of when you watch it. Expect to be angsty, broody, and great!

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