Monday, March 15, 2010

nbc hearts 24

I apologize for my lack of my entries, but here I am back to posting what i heart.

Early last week and much of last year, there were talks of the end of Jack Bauer meaning the end of the drama-filled show 24.

Now, NBC is in talks with FOX in purchasing the possibly-soon-to-be-canceled series. Why would the 4th placed network want to add the series that is considered to be creatively going downhill? Let the show end in peace and let it be remembered for all the great/sad memories!

TV Schedule - Monday 3/15
8:00 20/20: Special Edition of 20/20 - Inside the Bachelor: The Stories Behind the Rose (ABC)
8:00 Chuck (NBC)
8:00 House (FOX)
8:00 Life Unexpected (CW)
8:00 The Secret Life of the American Teenager (ABC Family)
8:30 Rules of Engagement (CBS)
9:00 24 (FOX)
9:00 Celebrity Fit Club (VH1)
9:00 Gossip Girl (CW)
9:00 Trauma (NBC)
10:00 Damages (FX)
10:00 Greek (ABC Family)
10:00 Kell on Earth (BRAVO)
10:00 Law & Order (NBC)
10:00 Price of Beauty (VH1)

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