Tuesday, October 13, 2009

i <3 news (part 1)

Part 1 of Today's News

-President Obama vs. Fox News and Late Night Talk Shows!

-Rachael Harris (Hangover, Jay Leno Show) will be facing off against Courtney Cox on Cougar Town

-Ugly Betty encores on TVguide Network on Thursdays at 7/6c starting Oct. 22

-Glee television show. Glee music. Now, a possible Glee tour?! Woohoo!

-Mad Men's Christina Hendricks gets married!

-Matthew Perry (Friends) is getting back to comedy.

-Southland may have a new home on TNT! Make it happen, TNT!

-Oprah is getting sued. What is this world coming to :(

-Jon says Kate withdrew too much. I feel sorry for the kids.

-Bye bye Sarah Silverman and Ben Affleck. Jimmy Kimmel has a new girlfriend.

-Xzibit pimps a house. Okay, he makesover a house.

-Carrie Underwood's Holiday special airing on Fox, Dec. 7.

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